6/21/2010  I just learned we will be getting StarBoards Duo 77 by Hitachi and not SmartBoards.  Below are sites you might like to look at as a preview of what will be in our classrooms.  As I learn more I will update this page.  - Shelley

(Note - SmartBoard software/sites may not work on StarBoards.  You may need to download the StarBoard software onto your computer if you want to test any of the lessons.  The Hitachi representative said they have not tested the SmartBoard sites on their product.)

General Information

Educational Portal


Hitachi Interactive Whiteboards in Schools - Educational Demos

Interactive Sites for Classrooms

A collection of StarBoard friendly websites that provide simulations, activities, games, lesson plans, and many other resources that can be utilized with your interactive StarBoard products.




Bar Graphs
Telling Time Interactive Analog Clock
Addition and Subtraction
Interactive Talking Calculator
Count the Fish (K)
The Number Game
Even and Odd
Function Machine


Language Arts
Starfall - Learn to Read
Interactive Word Search
Alphabet Action
Alphabet Game
ABC Order
Labeling Vegetables
Alphabetical Order
Compound Words


Food Chain Game
Life Cycles
Earth Sun Moon
Simple Machines
Phases of the Moon
Forces in Action


Middle/High School


Conic Section Explorer
Math Open Reference - Geometry
Equation Match
Interactive Protractor


Language Arts
Literary Elements
Root Words


Interactive Physics Simulations
Interactive Cell Models
Body Systems


General Whiteboard Resources


Educator Website Portals
Global Classrooms
Student Interactives
Interactive Learning Activities/Games


ABC Teach Clip Art Directory
Absolute Background Textures Archive
Awesome Clip Art for Educators
A-Z topic list
Graphic Organizers


Google Earth
Cool Iris
Online Paint Program


Lesson Ideas searchable by state standards


Pythagorean Theorem - Download
Number Words 1-10 - Download
Interactive Flash Lessons - Download
Similiar Sounds - Download
Micro-organisms - Download
Forces in Action - Download
Friction - Download
Defining Energy - Download
Forces - Download
Electrics Revision - Download

Online trainings by Hitachi
Software Tutorials
Free Webinars
StarBoard Demo
Software Training Guides

StarBoard Training Guide

Interactive science simulations



Useful links to all sorts of curriculum resources, search engines, newspapers, essential downloads
and many more online material.  You can create a user name and customze your own links. 



Interactive websites



Online word games - for primary school students

Staffall.com is a free public service to motivate children to read with phonics. 
Their systematic phonics approach, in conjunction with phoemic awaremess practice is
for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education,
homeschool, and English language development. 




Programs that allow youtube videos to be downloaded are kickvideo.com and keepvid.com  -
detailed instructions for using both will be posted here soon but can also be found on the Internet. 
(Also need to download a flv player.)



online stopwatch:  http://online-stopwatch.com