CCTS Acceptable User Policies/Letter


CCTS Permission Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian of a CCTS Student,

The Crow Creek Tribal School has access to the Internet.  Access to the Internet will be only for those students that are scheduled into a Computer related class.  Other classes that need to use the Internet as a source of information for writing papers will also be allowed usage.

There will be strict rules applied to the usage of the Internet by students.  As a school system we have attempted to block out as much inappropriate stations on the Internet, but as you may have read or seen on the news it is at times difficult.

In order for your student to be allowed to have any contact on the Internet we need to have you fill out this permission slip and send it back to the Tribal School as soon as possible.  Please understand that we as educators have attempted to block as much as possible on the Internet, but there are ways people have gotten into things that are inappropriate for students.

Please be under the understanding that due to certain circumstances an inappropriate article may occur and you do not hold us liable for any occurrence.

If it is proven that a student has misused the Internet or E-Mail services their privileges may be revoked for the school year.

Please check the following:

__________ I DO give my permission for my student to be on the Internet.  I understand that you as a staff have to the best of your abilities controlled any unforeseen incident.

__________ I DO NOT give permission for my student to be on the Internet.


Parent/Guardian Signature:  ________________________________________________________

Student Name:  _________________________________________________________________

Date:  ______________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.